606C and 608C Corn Heads

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Section : 00 - Identification View

Identification View

Section : 05 - Corn Head Safety Features

Corn Head Safety Features

Section : 10 - Safety

Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Observe Road Traffic Regulations
Wear Protective Clothing
Follow Safety Instructions
Prepare for Emergencies
Store Attachments Safely
Ballasting for Safe Ground Contact
Parking and Leaving the Combine
Avoid Contact With Moving Parts
Use Safety Lights and Devices
Road Transport Disconnect Switch (Black)
Transport Combine with Corn Head Installed
Stay Clear of Header
Avoid Entanglement
Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines
Practice Safe Maintenance
Service Machines Safely
Guards and Shields
Support Machine Properly
Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines
Dispose of Waste Properly
Replace Safety Signs

Section : 15 - Safety Decals

Pictorial Safety Signs
Operator's Manual
Repair and Maintenance
Corn Head
Corn Head Auger
Folding Area
Corn Head Foldable Frame
Corn Head
Hydraulic System

Section : 20 - Haulage

Preparing the Corn Head for Haulage

Section : 25 - Preparing the Corn Head

Removing the Transport Pallet

Section : 30 - Attaching and Detaching

Attaching Corn Head to Feeder House
Detaching Corn Head from Feeder House
Single Point Latching-Adjusting
Level Land Feeder House Lower End Cable-Adjusting
Feeder House Latching Pins (Cleanout)
Feeder House Manual Unlatching
Latching Cable Shear Screw Location

Section : 35 - Transport

Driving on Public Roads
Lowering Outer Gatherer Extensions
Raising ACTIVE HEADER CONTROL Ground Sensors (Optional)
Folding the Corn Head
Accident Prevention

Section : 40 - Operating Header

General Information
Starting in the Field
Adjust Corn Head Properly
Drive and Operate Carefully
StalkMaster™ Chopper
Corn Head Engage/Disengage Drive
Corn Head Drive Speeds
Combines With Fixed-Speed Feeder House
Harvesting Corn With Weakened or Broken Stalks
Harvesting Popcorn
Raising and Removing Center Gatherer Shields and Points.
Lowering ACTIVE HEADER CONTROL Ground Sensors (Optional)
Raising and Tilting End Fenders and Points
Ear Savers
Row Units
Stalk Rolls
Hydraulic Adjustable Deck Plates
StalkMaster™ Chopping Gear Cases
Removing, Flipping, and Installing StalkMaster™ Chopping Knife Blades
Outer Gatherer Extensions

Section : 45 - Adjustments

Adjusting and Leveling Gatherer Points
Adjusting Trash Knives
Adjusting Gatherer Chain Tension
Adjusting Gatherer Chain Flights
Adjusting Deck Plates
Adjusting Row Spacing
Adjusting Row Unit Drive Chain
Adjusting Row Unit Drive Sprockets with (ONLY) Fixed Speed Drive (Combines)
Adjusting Auger
Coupling the Chain
Adjusting Auger Drive Chain

Section : 50 - Lubrication

Corn Head Grease
Lubricant Storage
Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants

Section : 55 - Lubrication and Maintenance

Lubrication Symbols
Every 50 Hours of Operation
Annually or Every 200 Hours of Operation
Every 1000 Hours of Operation

Section : 60 - Troubleshooting


Section : 65 - Service

Hydraulic Cylinder Safety Stop
Remove and Install Stalk Rolls
Reversing Gatherer Chains and Sprockets for Additional Wear
Replacing Gatherer Chain
Remove and Install Oil Pan
Wear Strips
Cleaning Corn Head

Section : 70 - Storage

End of Season Service
Beginning of Season Service

Section : 75 - Specifications

606C Corn Head
608C Corn Head
Keep Proof of Ownership
Keep Machines Secure
Unified Inch Bolt and Screw Torque Values
Metric Bolt and Screw Torque Values
Declaration of Conformity

Section : 80 - Serial Number

Corn Head Type Plate
Serial Number

Section : IBC - John Deere Service Keeps You On The Job

John Deere Parts
The Right Tools
Well-Trained Technicians
Prompt Service