LX4, LX5 and LX6 Rotary Cutters

All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.

Dealer's Record
Record Rotary Cutter Serial Number
Keep Proof of Ownership
Keep Machines Secure

Section : 05 - Safety

Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Follow Safety Instructions
Protect Bystanders
Stay Clear of Rotating Blades
Operate Tractor and Cutter Safely
Back Up Safely
Leaving Cutter Unattended
Keep Riders Off Machine
Prepare for Emergencies
Wear Protective Clothing
Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines
Transport Cutter Safely
Avoid Serious Injury or Death from Accidental Lowering of Cutter
Practice Safe Maintenance
Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
Store Attachments Safely
Safety Features

Section : 10 - Safety Signs

Safety Signs-Driveline
Safety Signs-Hitch
Safety Signs-Deck

Section : 15 - Preparing the Tractor

Selecting Tractor Size
Selecting Tractor PTO Speed
Positioning Drawbar
Checking Ballast, Wheel Spacing, and Tire Inflation
Determining Front Ballast
Adjusting Tractor Hitch

Section : 20 - Preparing the Cutter

Prestarting Checklist
Selecting Hitch Pin Position
Installing Hitch Pin Bushings for Category 1 Quick Coupler Hitch
Using Category 2, 3-Point Hitch
Checking Driveline Shields

Section : 25 - Attaching and Detaching

Attaching Cutter to Tractor with Quick Coupler Hitch
Attaching Cutter to Tractor with Three-Point Hitch
Assembling PTO Driveline Telescoping Members (If Necessary)
Attaching PTO Driveline
Checking Driveline/Cutter Clearance
Detaching Cutter from Tractor

Section : 30 - Transporting

Preparing Cutter For Transport
Follow Safe Transport Procedures
Making Turns
Keep Riders Off Machine

Section : 35 - Operating the Cutter

Preparing Cutter for Operation
Adjusting Cutting Height and Angle
Keep Riders Off Machine
Follow Safe Operating Procedures
Operating the Cutter for Best Performance
Cutting Technique
Turning Cutter
Attachments Available

Section : 40 - Lubrication and Maintenance

Lubricating and Maintaining Machine Safely
Gear Case Oil
Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants
Mixing of Lubricants
Lubricant Storage
Perform Lubrication and Maintenance
Observe Lubrication Symbols
Every 10 Hours or Daily
Every 30 Hours
Every 50 Hours
As Required

Section : 45 - Service

Practice Safe Service Procedures
Keep Service Area Clean
Disassembling and Assembling Driveline Shields
Disassembling and Inspecting Slip Clutch
Assembling Slip Clutch
Removing and Installing Driveline-Slip Clutch
Removing and Installing Driveline-Shear Bolt (LX4 and LX5)
Replacing Driveline Shear Bolt (LX4 and LX5)
Removing and Installing Tailwheel Support
Replacing Tailwheel Pivot/Spindle
Checking Blade Wear
Replacing Blades
Replacing Blade Holder
Direction of Blade Rotation
Replacing Skid Shoes
Metric Bolt and Screw Torque Values
Unified Inch Bolt and Screw Torque Values

Section : 50 - Assembly

Perform Predelivery Service Safely
Remove Shipping Dunnage and Parts
Assemble Hitch
Install Tailwheel Support
Install Tailwheel
Install Driveline
Fill Gear Case
Install Front Safety Shield-Chains (If Equipped)
Install Front Safety Shield-Rubber (If Equipped)
Install Rear Chain Safety Shield
Install Foot Guards (If Equipped)
Final Inspection and Adjustments
Modify PTO Driveline (If Necessary)

Section : IBC - John Deere Service Keeps You On The Job

John Deere Is At Your Service