6010, 6110, 6210, 6310 and 6410 Tractors( 266767-      )

All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.


Section : 00 - Identification Views


Section : 05 - Safety

Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Follow Safety Instructions
Prevent Machine Runaway
Use Seat Belt Properly
Work In Ventilated Area
Driving the Tractor Safely
Operating the Tractor Safely
Keep Riders Off Machine
Parking and Leaving the Tractor
Avoid Eye Contact With Radar
Handle Fuel Safely-Avoid Fires
Prepare for Emergencies
Wear Protective Clothing
Avoid Contact with Pesticides
Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines
Use Safety Lights and Devices
Safely Transporting the Tractor
Tow Loads Safely
Freeing a Mired Machine
Practice Safe Maintenance
Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines
Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
Store Attachments Safely
Service Cooling System Safely
Retighten Wheel Nuts
Prevent Acid Burns
Support Machine Properly
Service Front-Wheel Drive Tractor Safely
Service Tires Safely
Dispose of Waste Properly
Special Features on Tractors with AutoPowr Drive Unit

Section : 10 - Safety Decals

Pictorial Safety Signs
Operator's Manual
Rockshaft Remote Control
Radar Sensor
Compressed Air Tank for Trailer Brake
Pick-Up Hitch
Keep Wheel Retaining Bolts Tight

Section : 15 - Controls and Instruments

Vehicle Controls
PTO and Creeper Controls
Attachment Controls
Heater and Air Conditioning Controls
Operating the Digital Display
Indicator Lights (on Tractors without Cab)
Indicator Lights (on Tractors with Cab)
Additional Indicator Lights
Fuel Gauge
Coolant Temperature Gauge
Digital Display
Performance Monitor
Data Entry Mode
Operating Touch Pad Switches
Operation and Calibration
Wheel Slip (3)
Vehicle Speed (6)
Service (8)
Backlight Brightness
Adjusting Backlight-Performance Monitor

Section : 20 - Lights

Lights (Tractors with Cab)
Lights (Tractors without Cab)
Xenon Worklights
H4 Farm Headlights
Light Switches (Tractors With Cab)
Light Switches (Tractors Without Cab)
Operating the Hazard Warning Light Switch
Switch for Turn Signal Lights and Horn (Tractors With Cab)
Switches for Turn Signal Lights and Horn (Tractors Without Cab)
Work Light Switches (Tractors With Cab)
Seven-Terminal Trailer Socket

Section : 25 - Operator's Station and Cab

Roll-Over Protective Structure
Operating the Foldable ROPS
Seat Belt
Avoid Contact with Pesticides
Clean Vehicle of Hazardous Pesticides
Comfort Seat
Super Comfort Seat
Air Comfort Seat
Opening Windows
Windshield Wiper and Washer System
Blower and Air Louvers
Air Conditioning System
Tips On Using the Air-Conditioning System
ULTRA-GARD™ XL Cab Air Filter
Cooling a Drink Can
Storage Rack
Dome and Console Lights
Adjusting Steering Wheel
Beacon Light
Adjusting the Height of Access Step
Cool Box
Installing the Monitor
Power Outlet Sockets
Multiple Power-Outlet Socket Strip
Cigarette Lighter and Ashtray
Hatch Positions

Section : 30 - Break-In Period

After the First 4 and 8 Hours of Operation
Within First 100 Hours of Operation
After First 100 Hours

Section : 35 - Prestarting Checks

Prestarting Checks

Section : 40 - Operating the Engine

Starting the Engine With a Slave Battery
Starting the Engine
Cold Weather Starting Aids
Electrical Starting Aid
Coolant Heater
Starting With a Booster Battery
Fuel Preheater
Engine Warm-Up Period
Engines With Turbocharger
Special Features on Tractors with Bosch VP44 Injection Pump
Towing the Tractor
Parking the Tractor (Tractors Without AutoPowr)
Parking the Tractor (Tractors With AutoPowr)
Battery Cut-Off Switch (If Equipped)
Stopping the Engine
Chock Block

Section : 45 - Operating the Tractor

Reduce Fuel Consumption
Select Correct Ground Travel Speed
Travel Speeds, SyncroPlus Transmission (12/4)
Travel Speeds, Power Reverser (16/16)
Travel Speeds, Power Reverser (16/16)
Shifting SYNCROPLUS™ / Power Reverser
Shift Lever Positions
Travel Speeds, PowrQuad Transmission (16/16)
Travel Speeds, PowrQuad Transmission (16/16)
Travel Speeds, PowrQuad Transmission (20/20)
Travel Speeds, PowrQuad Transmission (24/24*)
Travel Speeds, PowrQuad Transmission (24/24*)
Shifting the POWRQUAD™ Transmission
Shift Lever Positions, PowrQuad Transmission
Shifting the PowrQuad Plus Transmission
Shifting the AutoQuad II Transmission
Special Features on Tractors with AutoPowr Drive Unit
AutoPowr Operation
AutoPowr Come-Home Mode
Towing an AutoPowr-Equipped Tractor
Engaging Creeper Transmission
Engaging Front Wheel Drive
Tractors With TLS Front Axle
Engaging Differential Lock
Hydraulic Foot Brakes
Hydraulic Trailer Brakes
Air Brakes on Trailer

Section : 50 - Rockshaft and Three-Point Hitch

Rockshaft Control
Operation and Function of Headland Management System HMS (If Equipped)
Rockshaft Remote Control
Height Adjustment
Transporting Mounted Implements
Hitch Dampening
Adjusting Rate of Implement Drop
Depth Adjustment
Load/Depth Adjustment
1 Depth Control
2-4 Mixed Control
5 Load Control
Float Position
Direct Actuation
Three-Point Hitch
Flat Steel Draft Links
Telescopic Draft Links
Quick-Coupling (Hook-Type) Draft Links
Attaching Three-Point Hitch Mounted And Drawn Implements
Leveling the Implement
Center Link Adjustment
Center Link Positions
Lift Links
Adjusting for Vertical Float
Sway Blocks (If Equipped)
Stabilizer Chain (If Equipped)
Stabilizer Bar
Stabilizing System (If Equipped)
Adjusting Spreading Dimension

Section : 55 - Power Take-Off

PTO Guard
PTO Options
PTO Speeds
Front PTO
Operating Power Take-Offs
Operating the PTO by Remote Control (Only on Tractors Equipped With HMS)
Reversing Rear PTO Shafts
Changing Speed of Shiftable Rear PTO
Attaching PTO-Driven Equipment

Section : 60 - Ballast

Selecting Ballast
Ballasting Rear Wheels
Measuring Rear Wheel Slip
Installing Weights on Flanged Axle
Installing Weights on Rack-and-Pinion Axle
Filling Tires With Liquid Ballast
Draining the Tires
Pre-Assembling the Pick-Up Weight
Attaching to Three-Point Hitch (Rear-End Attachment)
Attaching to Basic Weight
Attaching to Three-Point Hitch (Front-End Attachment)
With Weight in Three-Point Hitch
Installing Front Weights

Section : 65 - Wheel Tread, Tires

Adjustable Front Axle (Tractors Without Front Wheel Drive)
Adjusting Front Wheel Tread
Checking Front Wheel Toe-In
Adjusting Front Wheel Toe-In
Changing Wheels Safely
Front Wheel Tread Adjustment (Tractors With Front Wheel Drive)
New Tire Designations
Front Wheel Tread Adjustment With Reversible Wheel Rims
Adjusting Front Wheel Tread with Adjustable Rims (8-position)
Adjusting Front Wheel Tread with Adjustable Rims (16-position)
Limiting Front Wheel Steering Angle
Tighten Front Wheel Attaching Nuts
Checking Front Wheel Toe-In
Adjusting Front Wheel Toe-In
Adjusting the Fender
Fender Positions
Rear Wheel Tread Adjustment with Flanged Axle (8-Position)
Position of Rims and Wheel Disks
Tread Widths
Rear Wheel Tread Adjustment with Flanged Axle (16-Position)
Position of Rims and Wheel Disks
Tread Widths
Adjusting Wheel Tread With Rack-And-Pinion Axle
Positions of Rims and Wheel Disks with Rack-and-Pinion Axle
Tread Widths With Standard Rack-And-Pinion Axle
Tire Pressures
Mounting Tires
Tire Combinations (up to 40 km/h; 25 mph)
Tire Combinations (up to 50 km/h; 31 mph)

Section : 70 - Additional Equipment

Selective Control Valves
Adjustment of Pressure Limit at Selective Control Valves (300 Series)
Control Lever for Selective Control Valves
Multi-Function Lever
Armrest-Integrated Multi-Function Lever
Rate of Cylinder Operation
Hose Unions
Maximum Permissible Oil Withdrawal
Oil Withdrawal With Hydraulic Motor
Power Beyond Couplers
Pressure-Free Return Circuit
Additional Oil Reservoir
Power Beyond Application Valve
Remote Hydraulic Cylinder
Bleeding the Cylinder
Swinging Drawbar
Lengthwise Adjustment of Drawbar
Tool Bar for 3-Point Hitch
Front Jaw Hitch
Swinging Trailer Hitch
Height Adjustable Trailer Hitch
Remote Control (If Equipped)
Pick-Up Hitch
Lockable Tank Filler Cap

Section : 75 - Transport

Transporting the Tractor
Towing the Tractor
Manual Park Lock Release (Tractors with AutoPowr)
Driving on Public Roads

Section : 80 - Fuel, Lubricants, Hydraulic Oil and Coolant

Diesel Fuel
Handling and Storing Diesel Fuel
Diesel Engine Break-In Oil
Diesel Engine Oil
Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
Front Wheel Drive Axle Oil
Oil Filters
Lubricant Storage
Mixing of Lubricants
Diesel Engine Coolant
Operating in Warm Temperature Climates
Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants

Section : 85 - Lubrication and Periodic Service

Using High-Pressure Washers
Lubrication and Periodic Service
Opening the Hood
Removing Grille Screens
Removing the Fan Guard
Access to Battery
Access to Fuses
Important Instructions Regarding Alternator
Service Chart
Daily or Every 10 Hours
After the First 100 Hours
Every 250 Hours
Every 500 Hours
Every 750 Hours
Once Every Year
Every 1000 Hours
Every 1500 Hours or Every 2 Years
Every 3000 Hours or Every 3 Years
As Required

Section : 90 - Service / Daily or Every 10 Hours

Checking Engine Crankcase Oil Level
Checking the Fuel Filter
Checking and Draining the Compressed Air Trailer Brake System
Checking on Lights
Other Service Jobs

Section : 95 - Service / Every 250 Hours

Changing Engine Oil
Changing Engine Crankcase Filter Element
Checking Transmission/Hydraulic System Oil Level
Checking Electrolyte Level Of Battery
Lubricating Front Axle and Front Wheels
Lubricating Front Axle and Front Wheels
Checking Oil Level in MFWD Axle Housing
Checking Oil Level in MFWD Final Drives
Lubricating the Three-Point Hitch
Lubricate Hitch Jaw
Lubricating the Pick-Up Hitch
Pick-Up Hitch
Neutral Start Circuit (Tractors Without AutoPowr)
Neutral Start Circuit (Tractors With AutoPowr)
Wheel Retaining Bolts

Section : 100 - Service / Every 500 Hours

Replacing Transmission/Hydraulic System Filter Element (Tractors with AutoPowr)
Changing the Fuel Filter
Servicing the Fuel Tank
Lubricating Rear Axle Bearings
Air Intake Hoses
Checking the Engine Ground Connection

Section : 105 - Service / Every 750 Hours

Check Engine Speeds
Replacing Transmission/Hydraulic System Filter Elements (Tractors NOT Equipped with AutoPowr)
Changing the Filter on the Front PTO (If Equipped)
Changing Oil in Final Drives (Front-Wheel Drive Axle with Brake)

Section : 110 - Service / Once Every Year

Checking Seat Belt

Section : 115 - Service / Every 1000 Hours

Changing Transmission/Hydraulic Oil (Tractors with AutoPowr)

Section : 120 - Service / Every 1500 Hours or 2 Years

Changing Oil in Front-Wheel Drive Axle
Changing Oil In Front-Wheel Drive Axle Housing
Changing Oil In Front-Wheel Drive Final Drives
Changing Transmission/Hydraulic Oil (Tractors NOT Equipped with AutoPowr)
Changing the Oil at the Front PTO (If Equipped)

Section : 125 - Service / Every 3000 Hours or 3 Years

Changing Coolant
Test Thermostat Opening Temperature

Section : 130 - Service / As Required

Cleaning Cab Air Filter
Air Cleaner
Cleaning Primary Filter Element
Cleaning Dusty Element
Cleaning the Dust Unloading Valve
Secondary (Safety) Element
Cleaning Cab Air Filters
Cleaning the ULTRA-GARD™ XL Cab Air Filter
Safety Regulations
Replacing the Fresh Air Filters
Replacing the Recirculated Air Filter
Apply Service Decal
Cleaning and Checking the ULTRA-GARD™ XL FILTER
Keep Radiator Screen Clean
Air Conditioning System Not Cooling Correctly
Adjusting the Handbrake
Bleeding the Brakes (Without Power-Fill)
Bleeding the Power Brakes
Checking the Fuel Filter
Bleeding the Fuel System (Tractors NOT Equipped with Bosch VP44 Injection Pump)
Bleeding the Fuel System (Tractors Equipped with Bosch VP44 Injection Pump)
Lubricate All Lubricating Points
Operator's Seat
Prevent Battery Explosions
Battery - Checking Specific Gravity
Starter Motor
Fuses (Tractors with Cab)
Fuses (Load Center 1, Tractors with Cab and Conventional Transmission)
Fuses (Load Center 2, Tractors with Cab and Conventional Transmission)
Fuses (Load Center 1, Tractors with Cab and AutoPowr)
Fuses (Load Center 2, Tractors with Cab and AutoPowr)
Fuses (Tractors Without Cab)
Load Center (Tractors Without Cab)
Replacing the Drive Belt

Section : 135 - Troubleshooting

Hydraulic System
Electrical System

Section : 140 - Service Codes

Service Codes on Basic Control Unit (BCU)
Service Codes on Basic Informator Plus (BIF)
Service Codes on Hitch Control Unit (HCU)
Service Codes on PPST/E-ICV Controller (PEC)
Service Codes on Park Lock Controller (PLC)
Service Codes on Control Unit for Suspended Front Axle (SFA)
Service Codes on Transmission Control Unit (TCU)
Service Codes on User Interface Controller (UIC)

Section : 145 - Storage

Storage for a Long Period
Removing Tractor from Storage

Section : 150 - Specifications

PTO Power Output
Hydraulic System
Loads and Weights
Electrical System
Sound Level
Load Capacity of Tires, Front Axle Load
Load Capacity of Tires, Rear Axle Load
Load Capacity of Tires With Front Loader
Declaration of Conformity
Safety Note Regarding the Subsequent Installation of Electrical and Electronic Appliances and/or Components

Section : 155 - Serial Numbers

Type Plates
Product Identification Number
Engine Serial Number
Transmission Serial Number
FWD Axle Serial Number

Section : IBC - John Deere Service Keeps You On The Job

John Deere Parts
The Right Tools
Well-Trained Technicians
Prompt Service