7610, 7710, and 7810 Tractors( 30 001-      )

All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.

Quick Reference Specifications
Routine Maintenance Parts

Section : 05 - Safety

Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Follow Safety Instructions
Prevent Machine Runaway
Use Seat Belt Properly
Use Foldable ROPS and Seat Belt Properly
Operating the Tractor Safely
Stopping and Parking Tractor
Keep Riders Off Machine
Handle Fuel Safely-Avoid Fires
Prepare for Emergencies
Handle Starting Fluid Safely
Wear Protective Clothing
Protect Against Noise
Handle Chemical Products Safely
Avoid Contact with Pesticides
Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines
Use Safety Lights and Devices
Use a Safety Chain
Tow Loads Safely
Use Caution on Hillsides
Freeing a Mired Machine
Transport Tractor Safely
Service Cooling System Safely
Practice Safe Maintenance
Support Machine Properly
Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines
Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
Protect Against High Pressure Spray
Prevent Acid Burns
Store Attachments Safely
Dispose of Waste Properly

Section : 10 - Safety Signs

Replace Damaged or Missing Safety Signs
Prevent Machine Runaway
Use Seat Belt-Do Not Modify ROPS
Use Instructional Seat Correctly
Operate Tractor Safely
Use Foldable ROPS Correctly
Prevent Falling Loads
Fasten Implement Securely
Stay Clear of PTO
Avoid Explosive Gases
Triple Link Suspension Accumulators

Section : 15 - Controls and Instruments

Front Console-Cab Tractors
Front Console-Open Station
Single-Lever Controls
Control Console
Analog Instrument Panel
Digital Instrument Panel-Version "A"
Digital Instrument Panel-Version "B"
Changing Display Functions
Calibrating Tire Size-With Radar
Calibrating Radar-Instrument Panel
Performance Monitor-Optional
Performance Monitor-Data Entry and Saving Mode
Performance Monitor-Adjusting Backlight
Performance Monitor-Service
Performance Monitor-Area, Distance, Area/H, Width, and PTO RPM
Performance Monitor-Operation and Calibration
Performance Monitor-Wheel Slip
Performance Monitor-Vehicle Speed

Section : 20 - Lights

Operating Lights-Open Station
Operating Lights-Cab Tractors
Operating Loader Lights-Optional
Operating Hazard Light-Cab Tractors
Operating Rotary Beacon Light-Optional
Using Extremity Transport Warning Lights
Operating Turn Signals, Horn, and Head Lights
Seven-Terminal Outlet

Section : 25 - Operator Station

Adjusting Air Suspension Seat
Adjusting Mechanical Suspension Seat
Operator Presence Sensor
Using Instructional Seat-Optional
Positioning Steps
Step Removal
Using Storage Compartment
Controlling Air Flow
Adjusting Blower Speed
Controlling Temperature
Operating Windshield Wiper
Adjusting Steering Wheel
Operating the Radio
Operating the Radio with Optional Cassette Tape Player
Operating the Radio with Optional Compact Disc Player
Operating the Optional Cassette Tape Player
Operating the Optional Compact Disc Player
Setting the Clock
Installing Mobile Radio and Antenna
Using Field Office-Optional
Using Accessory Electrical Outlet
Auxiliary Power Strip-Optional

Section : 30 - Break-In Period

Break-In Check-First 100 Hours
Break-In Check-After First 100 Hours

Section : 35 - Operating the Engine

Engine Operation
Starting the Engine
Idling the Engine
Restarting Stalled Engine
Stopping the Engine
Cold Weather Starting-7610
Cold Weather Starting With Ether-7710 and 7810
Changing Starting Fluid Cans
Using Auxiliary Heaters
Using a Booster Battery
Charging Batteries

Section : 40 - Operating the Tractor

Using Foldable ROPS
Avoid Contact With Pesticides
Clean Tractor of Hazardous Pesticides
Using Seat Belts
Operating the Transmission
Shifting the PowrQuad Transmission
Shifting the AutoQuad II Transmission
Operating Left-Hand Reverser-Optional
Shifting the Powershift Transmission
Powershift Transmission Enabling Mode
Operating Creeper
Transmission-Hydraulic System Warm-Up
Using Mechanical Front-Wheel Drive
Using Triple Link Suspension
Using Differential Lock
Using the Brakes
Using Field Cruise-AutoQuad II Transmission

Section : 45 - Hitch

Hitch Components
Hitch Controls
Hitch Control System
Using Hitch Control Lever and Raise/Lower Switch
Using Hitch Dampening
Adjusting Height Limit
Adjusting Rate of Drop
Using External Raise/Lower Switch
Using Hitch Manual Lowering Feature
Using Load/Depth Control
Using Position Control
Using Float Position
Using Draft Control
Operating Headland Management System (HMS)
Using Sway Blocks
Attaching Implement to Three-Point Hitch
Detaching Implement from Hitch
Adjusting Implement Level
Adjusting Lift Links
Lateral Float
Attaching Implement to Quick Coupler
Detaching Implement from Quick Coupler
Converting 7610 With High-Lift Capacity or 7710-7810 Category 3N Hitch to Category 2 Hitch
Using Correct Hitch Category

Section : 50 - Hydraulics and Selective Control Valves

Connecting Cylinder Hoses
Disconnecting Cylinder Hoses
Adjusting Rate of Cylinder or Motor Operation
Using SCV Features
SCV Lever Detent Operation
SCV Lever Lockout
Single Lever Control Lockout
SCV Lever-Neutral Position
SCV Lever-Extend Position
SCV Lever-Retract Position
SCV Lever-Float Position
Adjusting Detent Relief Setting

Section : 55 - Remote Hydraulic Connections

Using Low-Pressure Return Circuit
Using Hydraulic Motor Return
Using Power Beyond Valve and Couplers
Using Load-Sensing Hydraulic System-Power Beyond
Examples Using Load-Sensing Hydraulic System- Power Beyond
Using Implement Requiring Large Volumes of Oil

Section : 60 - Drawbar and PTO

Adjusting Drawbar Height and Length
Operating Clevis Assembly
Positioning Drawbar
Attaching PTO-Driven Implement
Operating the PTO
Operating PTO During Cold Weather
Using PTO Shield
Changing PTO Stub Shaft

Section : 65 - Performance Ballasting

General Performance Guidelines
Ballasting for Engine Horsepower
Controlling Power Hop-MFWD Tractors
Unballasted Tractor Weight Chart
Ballasting Guide
Measuring Wheel Slip-Manually
Determining Maximum Ballast
Maximum Load Per Wheel
Using Liquid Ballast
Liquid Ballast
Using Rear Cast Iron Weights
Adding Rear Ballast-740 and 840 Loader
Using Implement Codes
Implement Codes
Weight Added to Rear Axle With Hitch Mounted Implements
Installing QUIK-TATCH Weights
Worksheet to Calculate Ballast Changes

Section : 70 - Wheels, Tires, and Treads

General Wheel, Tire, and Tread Guidelines
Tire Inflation Pressure Guidelines
Recommended Pressures-Front Bias Tires
Recommended Pressures-Front Radial Tires
Recommended Pressures-Rear Bias Tires
Recommended Pressures-Rear Radial Tires
Recommended Pressures-Rear Radial Tires
Recommended Pressures-Rear Radial Tires
Tightening Rear Wheel Bolts
Tightening Front Wheel and Axle Bolts- Two-Wheel Drive
Tightening Front Wheel Bolts-MFWD
Front Axle Tread Settings-Standard Settings
Front Axle Tread Settings-With Extensions
Adjusting Front Axle
Checking Toe-In-Adjustable Axle
Adjusting Toe-In-Adjustable Axle
Checking Toe-In-MFWD Axle
Adjusting Toe-In-MFWD Axle
Mechanical Front-Wheel Drive Tread Settings- With Fenders
Setting Steering Stop Positions
MFWD Steering Stop Positions
Triple Link Suspension Steering Stop Positions
Adjusting Fenders-Mounting Brackets
Adjusting Fenders-Tread Settings
Adjusting Rear Wheels-Cast
Adjusting Rear Wheels-Steel
Rear Tread Ranges
Single Rear-Wheel Tread Settings
Dual Wheels
Dual Tire Tread Settings
Dual Wheel Tread Settings-Sixteen Position Steel Wheels
Tread Settings for Duals with 2808 mm (110.5 In.) Axle
Tread Settings for Duals with 2808 mm (110.5 In.) Axle
Tread Settings for Duals with 2808 mm (110.5 In.) Axle
Tread Settings for Duals with 3012 mm (118.5 In.) Axle
Tread Settings for Duals with 3012 mm (118.5 In.) Axle
Tread Settings for Duals with 3012 mm (118.5 In.) Axle
Dual Wheel Hub Extensions
Extensions for 16.9, 18.4, and 20.8 Duals with 2808 mm (110.5 In.) Axle
Extensions for 16.9, 18.4, and 20.8 Duals with 3012 mm (118.5 In.) Axle
Sixteen Position Steel Wheel
Extensions for 14.9 Duals with 2808 mm (110.5 In.) Axle
Extensions for 14.9 Duals with 3012 mm (118.5 In.) Axle
Extensions for 320/90 and 420/80 Duals with 2808 mm (110.5 In.) Axle
Extensions for 320/90 and 420/80 Duals with 3012 mm (118.5 In.) Axle

Section : 75 - Transport

Driving Tractor On Roads
Transporting with Ballast
Towing Loads
Towing Tractor
Transporting on Carrier
Freeing a Mired Machine

Section : 80 - Fuels, Lubricants, and Coolant

Diesel Fuel
Fuel Storage
Fill Fuel Tank
Diesel Engine Oil
Extended Diesel Engine Oil Service Intervals
Engine Break-In Oil
Oil Filters
Diesel Engine Coolant
Operating in Warm Temperature Climates
Additional Information About Diesel Engine Coolants and Supplemental Coolant Additives
Testing Diesel Engine Coolant
Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
Powershift Transmission Recalibration
MFWD Axle Housing Oil
MFWD Wheel Hub Oil
Mixing of Lubricants
Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants
Lubricant Storage

Section : 85 - Maintenance and Service Intervals

Service Reference Chart
Observe Service Intervals
Removing Side Shields
Removing Hood
Accessing Batteries
Using High-Pressure Washers
Using Compressed Air
Service Interval Chart Daily or 10 Hours-250 Hours-750 Hours
Service Interval Chart 1500 Hours-2000 Hours-Annual-Two Years

Section : 90 - General Maintenance and Inspection

Inspecting Tires
Checking Neutral Start System-Powershift Transmission
Checking Neutral Start System-PowrQuad Transmission with Right-Hand Reverser
Checking Neutral Start System-PowrQuad Transmission with Left-Hand Reverser
Checking Neutral Start System-AutoQuad II Transmission with Left-Hand Reverser
Checking Manual Brakes
Bleeding the Brakes
Cleaning or Replacing Cab Air Filters
Servicing Engine Air Pre-Cleaner
Cleaning and Inspecting Primary Engine Air Filter
Replacing Primary and Secondary Engine Air Filters
Checking Belt Tensioner
Replacing Fan Belt
Servicing Air Conditioner
Inspecting Seat Belts
Checking Engine Compartment for Accumulated Trash and Debris
Cleaning Grille Screens, Radiator, and Oil-Cooler Condenser
Inspecting Tractor for Loose Bolts

Section : 95 - Lubrication

Checking Engine Oil Level
Changing Engine Oil and Filter
Checking Transmission-Hydraulic Oil Level
Changing Transmission-Hydraulic Oil
Replacing Transmission Filter
Replacing Hydraulic Filter
Cleaning Hydraulic Oil Suction Screen
Checking MFWD Wheel Hub Oil Level
Changing MFWD Hub Oil
Checking MFWD Axle Housing Oil Level
Changing MFWD Axle Housing Oil
Servicing Front Wheel Bearings
Lubricating Rear Axle Bearings
Lubricating Front Axle
Lubricating MFWD Axle
Lubricating Triple Link Suspension
Lubricating Three-Point Hitch Components
Lubricating Rockshaft
Lubricating Draft Link Support Shaft Bushing

Section : 100 - Maintenance-Cooling System

Checking Coolant Level
Testing Coolant
Draining, Flushing, and Refilling Cooling System

Section : 105 - Maintenance-Fuel System

Draining Water Separator
Cleaning Water Separator and Replacing Filter- 7710 and 7810
Servicing Fuel Pre-filter
Replacing Fuel Filter-7610
Bleeding Fuel System-7610
Replacing Fuel Filter-7710 and 7810
Bleeding Fuel System-7710 and 7810
Cleaning Fuel Tank Vent Filter
Draining Fuel Tank Sump

Section : 110 - Maintenance-Electrical System

Servicing the Batteries
Replacing Fuses and Relays
Load Center Fuses-Cab
Load Center Relays and Diodes-Cab
Load Center Fuses, Relays, and Diodes- Open Station
Replacing Front Lights
Replacing Roof Front Flood Lights
Replacing Front Belt-Line Flood Lights
Replacing Loader Lights-Optional
Replacing Front Warning Lights
Replacing Rear Warning Lights
Replacing Roof Rear Flood Light
Replacing Fender-Mounted Flood Lights
Replacing Tail Lights
Replacing Extremity Transport Warning Lights

Section : 115 - Troubleshooting

Engine Troubleshooting
Transmission Troubleshooting
Hydraulic System Troubleshooting
Brakes Troubleshooting
Hitch Troubleshooting
Selective Control Valve Troubleshooting
Electrical System Troubleshooting
Operator Enclosure Troubleshooting
Tractor Operation Troubleshooting

Section : 120 - Storage

Placing Tractor In Long-Term Storage
Removing Tractor From Storage
Paint Finish Care

Section : 125 - Specifications

Ground Speeds-Powershift Transmission
Ground Speeds-16-Speed PowrQuad Transmission
Ground Speeds-20-Speed PowrQuad and AutoQuad II Transmission
Metric Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values
Unified Inch Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values
Limited Battery Warranty

Section : 130 - Identification Numbers

Identification Plates
Record Tractor Identification Number
Record Engine Serial Number
Record Cab Serial Number
Record MFWD Axle Serial Number
Record Triple Link Suspended MFWD Axle
Record Differential Case Serial Number

Section : 135 - Lubrication and Maintenance Records

250 Hour Service Records
750 Hour Service Records
1500 Hour Service Records
2000 Hour Service Records
Annual Service Records
Two Year Service Records

Section : 140 - Glossary

Glossary of Terms

Section : 145 - Crime Prevention Tips

Help Prevent Crime
Record Ag Identification Numbers
Keep Proof of Ownership
Park Indoors Out of Sight
When Parking Outdoors
Reduce Vandalism
Report Thefts Immediately

Section : SLIT - John Deere Service Literature Available

Technical Information

Section : IBC - John Deere Service Keeps You On The Job