7220, 7320, 7420 and 7520 Tractors

All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.


Section : 00 - Identification View

7520 Tractor

Section : 05 - Safety

Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Follow Safety Instructions
Prevent Machine Runaway
Use Seat Belt Properly
Use Foldable ROPS and Seat Belt Properly
Operating the Tractor Safely
Stopping and Parking Tractor
Keep Riders Off Machine
Handle Fuel Safely-Avoid Fires
Prepare for Emergencies
Handle Starting Fluid Safely
Wear Protective Clothing
Protect Against Noise
Handle Chemical Products Safely
Avoid Contact with Pesticides
Service Accumulator Systems Safely
Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines
Use Safety Lights and Devices
Use a Safety Chain
Transport Towed Equipment at Safe Speeds
Use Caution on Hillsides
Freeing a Mired Machine
Transport Tractor Safely
Service Cooling System Safely
Practice Safe Maintenance
Support Machine Properly
Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines
Do Not Open High-Pressure Fuel System
Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
Protect Against High Pressure Spray
Handling Batteries Safely
Store Attachments Safely
Dispose of Waste Properly

Section : 10 - Safety Signs

Replace Damaged or Missing Safety Signs
Safety Signs

Section : 15 - Controls and Instruments

Tractor Controls
Foot Operated Throttle Control
Single Lever Control-If Equipped
AutoTrac Resume Switch-If Equipped
PTO and Creeper Controls
Hitch and Selective Control Valve Controls
Heater and Air Conditioning Controls (Tractors without ClimaTrak System)
Heater and Air Conditioning Controls (Tractors with ClimaTrak System)
Indicator Lights
Engine Protection Indicator Lights-
Additional Indicator Lights
Fuel Gauge
Coolant Temperature Gauge
Digital Display
Performance Monitor
Installing the Monitor
Data Entry Mode
Operating Touch Pad Switches
Implement Operation and Calibration
Wheel Slip (3)
Tractor Speed and Radar Calibration (6)
Service (8)
Backlight Brightness
Adjusting Backlight-Performance Monitor

Section : 20 - Lights

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights-If Equipped
Additional Work Lights-Optional
Light Switch
Use Safety Lights and Devices
Warning Lights Switch
Turn Signal Lights and Horn Switch
Work Light Switches
Operating Beacon Light-If Equipped
Operating Dome Light
Using the Seven-Pin Connector

Section : 25 - Operator Station

Super Comfort Seat
Super Comfort Low Frequency Air Suspension Seat
Using Instructional Seat-If Equipped
Opening Windows
Glass Roof With Sun Blind-If Equipped
Windshield Wiper and Washer System
Rear Window Defroster-If Equipped
Operating the Radio
Operating the Radio with Optional Cassette Tape Player
Operating the Radio with Optional Compact Disc Player
Operating the Optional Cassette Tape Player
Operating the Optional Compact Disc Player
Setting the Clock
Fan and Air Louvers (Tractors without ClimaTrak System)
Heater (Tractors without ClimaTrak System)
Air-Conditioning System (Tractors without ClimaTrak System)
Tips On Using Air-Conditioning System
Using the ClimaTrak System (ATC)
Changing the ClimaTrak Display (ATC)
Cooling a Drink Can
Storage Rack-If Equipped
Adjusting Steering Wheel
Adjusting Step Height
Using Power Outlet Sockets
Using Multiple Power-Outlet Strip-If Equipped
Cigarette Lighter and Ashtray

Section : 30 - Break-In Period

Break-In Check-First 100 Hours
After the First 100 Hours
Check Cab Mounting Torques

Section : 35 - Operating the Engine

Engine Fuel System and Power Rating
Key Switch Positions
Fuel Preheater-If Equipped
Using Auxiliary Heaters-If Equipped
Cold Weather Starting-6.8 L Engine
Starting the Engine
Idling the Engine
Restarting Stalled Engine
Stopping the Engine
Starting with a Booster Battery

Section : 40 - Operating the Tractor

Avoid Contact with Pesticides
Cleaning Tractor of Hazardous Pesticides
Using Seat Belt
Using Emergency Exit
Transmission Features and Choices
Shifting the POWRQUAD Plus™ Transmission
Using Cruise Control
Engaging Creeper-PowrQuad Plus Transmission
Cold Weather Automatic Warm-Up Sequence for IVT Transmission
Operating Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT)
Cruise Control - IVT
IVT Come-Home Mode
Stopping Tractor
Using Mechanical Front-Wheel Drive (MFWD)
Using Triple Link Suspension-If Equipped
Engaging Differential Lock
Using Manual Brakes
AutoTrac System Component Location
AutoTrac Steering System

Section : 45 - Hitch

Rockshaft Control
Rockshaft Remote Control
Height Adjustment
Transporting Mounted Implements
Hitch Dampening
Adjusting Rate of Implement Drop
Depth Adjustment
Load/Depth Adjustment
1 Depth Control
2-4 Mixed Control
5 Load Control
Float Position
Direct Actuation
Telescopic Draft Links
Attaching Three-Point Hitch Mounted And Drawn Implements
Leveling the Implement
Center Link Adjustment
Center Link Positions - Category III Hitch
Lift Links, Category II Hitch
Lift Links, Category III Hitch
Adjusting for Vertical Float
Sway Blocks
Operation and Function of Headland Management System (HMS II)-If Equipped

Section : 50 - Drawbar and PTO

Adjusting Drawbar
Attaching PTO-Driven Equipment
PTO Speed Display
Operating the PTO
Using PTO Shield
PTO Speeds
Reversing Rear PTO Shafts

Section : 55 - Ballast

Selecting Ballast
Ballasting Rear Wheels
Measuring Rear Wheel Slip
Installing Weights on Flanged Rear Axle
Installing Rear Wheel Weights
Using Liquid Ballast
Draining the Tires
Installing QUIK-TATCH™ Front Weights
Adding Rear Ballast for Front Loader Work
Using Implement Codes

Section : 60 - Wheels, Tires and Tread Settings

General Wheel, Tire and Tread Setting Guidelines
Tire Combination Guidelines, Up To 40 km/h (25 mph)
Tire Inflation Pressure Guidelines
Tire Inflation Pressures - Front Tires, 2WD Tractors
Tire Inflation Pressures - MFWD Tires, Groups 39 and 40
Tire Inflation Pressures - MFWD Tires, Group 41
Tire Inflation Pressures - Single Rear Tires, Groups 44 and 45
Tire Inflation Pressures - Single Rear Tires, Group 46
Tire Inflation Pressures - Single Rear Tires, Group 46 - Continued
Tire Inflation Pressures - Dual Rear Tires, Group 45
Tire Inflation Pressures - Dual Rear Tires, Group 46
Two-Wheel Drive Front Axle Adjustment
Two-Wheel Drive Front Axle Toe-In Checking
Two-Wheel Drive Front Axle Toe-In Adjustment
Two-Wheel Drive Front Axle and Front Wheel Bolt Tightening
Two-Wheel Drive Front Axle Tread Settings - Standard
Two-Wheel Drive Front Axle Tread Settings - With Extensions
MFWD Wheel Bolt Tightening
MFWD Axle Identification
MFWD Toe-In Check
MFWD Toe-In Adjustment - Hi-Crop Tractor
MFWD Toe-In Adjustment
Tread Settings - MFWD Tractors with Loader
Component Identification for MFWD Tread Settings
Component Identification for MFWD Tread Settings ( Tractors with 26 inch Rims)
Tread Settings - MFWD, No Spacers
Tread Settings - MFWD With Spacers
Tread Settings -MFWD Hi-Crop Tractors
Steering Stop Position Setting -Hi-Crop MFWD Axle
Steering Stop Positions - Hi-Crop MFWD Axle
Steering Stop Positions - 7220 and 7320 MFWD Tractors (Early Models)
Steering Stop Positions - 7420, 7520 MFWD Tractors (Early Models)
Steering Stop Positions - 7220, 7320, 7420, 7520 MFWD Tractors (Late Models)
Adjusting Fenders - MFWD Tractors (Early Models)
Fender Settings - 7220 and 7320 Tractors (Early Models)
Fender Settings - 7420 and 7520 Tractors (Early Models)
Adjusting Fenders - MFWD Tractors (Late Models)
Fender Settings - Late Model 7220, 7320, 7420 and 7520 Tractors
Mounting Fenders on Tractors with Front Loader
Tightening Rear Wheel Bolts
Rear Wheel Adjusting -Cast
Rear Wheel Adjusting -Steel
Rear Tread Ranges
Rear Tread Settings for Single 8-Position Wheels -Flanged Axle
Rear Tread Settings for Single 8-Position Wheels - Hi-Crop Tractor - Flanged Axle
Rear Tread Settings for Single 16-Position Wheels - Hi-Crop Tractor - Flanged Axle
Rear Tread Settings for Single Two-Position Wheels - Rack and Pinion Axle - 2438 mm (96 in.)
Rear Tread Settings for Single Two-Position Wheels - Rack and Pinion Axle - 2808 mm (110.5 in.)
Rear Tread Settings for Single 16-Position Steel Wheels - Rack and Pinion Axle - 2438 mm (96 in.) or 2808 mm (110.5 in.)
Rear 16-Position Steel Wheel Settings
Rear Dual Wheel Guidelines
Dual 2-Position Wheel Tread Settings - 2808 (110.5 in.) Axle
Dual Wheel Hub Extensions
Hub Extensions for 18.4 and 480/80 Duals With 2808 mm (110.5 in.) Axle
Hub Extensions for 14.9, 320/90 and 420/80 Duals With 2808 mm (110.5 in.) Axle

Section : 65 - Selective Control Valves and Hydraulics

SCV Symbol Definitions
Operating Loader Using SCV
Selective Control Valves
Adjustment of Pressure Limit at Selective Control Valves
Levers for Mechanical Selective Control Valves
Levers for Electronic Selective Control Valves
Additional Functions of Electronic Selective Control Valves
Multi-Function Lever (Electrical)
Rate of Cylinder Operation
Using Couplers
Maximum Permissible Oil Withdrawal
Oil Withdrawal With Hydraulic Motor
Power-Beyond Couplers
Pressure-Free Return Circuit

Section : 70 - Transport

Use Safety Lights and Devices
Driving Tractor On Roads
Transporting with Ballast
Towing Loads
Using Safety Chains
Towing Tractor
Manual Park Brake Release- IVT
Transporting on Carrier
Freeing a Mired Machine

Section : 75 - Fuels, Lubricants and Coolant

Diesel Fuel
Handling and Storing Diesel Fuel
Lubricity of Diesel Fuel
Bio-Diesel Fuel
Fuel Storage
Fill Fuel Tank
Diesel Engine Oil
Extended Diesel Engine Oil Service Intervals
Diesel Engine Break-In Oil
Oil Filters
Diesel Engine Coolant
Operating in Warm Temperature Climates
Additional Information About Diesel Engine Coolants and Supplemental Coolant Additives
Testing Diesel Engine Coolant
Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
MFWD Axle Housing and Wheel Hub Oil
MFWD Axle Housing Oil - Hi-Crop Rear Axle
Mixing of Lubricants
Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants
Lubricant Storage

Section : 80 - Maintenance and Service Intervals

Scope of This Manual
Service Tractor Safely
Observe Service Intervals
Lubricate All Lubricating Points
Lubrication and Periodic Service
Service Interval Chart - Daily or 10 Hours - 250 Hours - 500 Hours - 750 Hours
Service Interval Chart - 1000 Hours - 1500 Hours/2 Years - 2000 Hours - 3000 Hours/3Years
Service - As Required

Section : 85 - Service - Daily or Every 10 Hours

Check Engine Oil Level
Check Engine Coolant Level
Check Transmission/Hydraulic Oil Level
Drain Water from Fuel Filter and Fuel Tank

Section : 90 - Service - 250 Hours

Lubricate Adjustable Front Axle (Two-Wheel Drive)
Lubricate MFWD Axle and Drive Shaft
Check MFWD Axle Housing Oil Level
Check MFWD Wheel Hub Oil Level
Check Oil Level in Rear Drop-Axle, Hi-Crop Tractor
Lubricate Three-Point Hitch and Rockshaft
Check Neutral Start Circuit
Check Brake Operation
Drain Fuel Tank
Change Engine Oil
Change Engine Oil Filter
Check Wheel Bolt Torque

Section : 95 - Service - 500 Hours

Change IVT Transmission/Hydraulic Oil Filter
Change Fuel Filters
Check Air Intake System
Lubricate Rear Axle Bearings
Lubricate Draft Link Bearing -7420 and 7520 Tractors Only
Check Engine Ground Cable

Section : 100 - Service - 750 Hours

Change PowrQuad Plus Transmission/Hydraulic Oil Filter
Change Front PTO Filter-If Equipped
Check Seat Belt
Check Engine Speeds

Section : 105 - Service - 1000 Hours or One Year

Change IVT Transmission/Hydraulic Oil
Seat Belt

Section : 110 - Service - 1500 Hours or Two Years

Clean or Change Cab Air Filter
Change Engine Primary Air Filter
Change Engine Secondary Air Filter
Change MFWD Axle Housing Oil
Change MFWD Wheel Hub Oil
Drain and Change Rear Drop-Axle Oil, Hi-Crop Tractor
Change PowrQuad Plus Transmission Oil
Change Front PTO Oil-If Equipped

Section : 115 - Service - 3000 Hours or Three Years

Drain, Flush and Refill Cooling System

Section : 120 - Service - As Required

Check Starter System
Check Air Conditioning System
Keeping Cooling Package Screens Clean
Prevent Battery Explosion
Battery Access
Fuse Box Access
Main Fuse Location and Replacement
Fuse and Relay Boxes-PowrQuad Plus Transmission
Fuse and Relay Boxes - IVT Transmission
Bleed Brakes -7220 and 7320
Bleed Brakes -7420 and 7520
Bleed Fuel System
High-Pressure Washer Use
Hood Opening
Fan Belt Tensioning
Lubricate Operator's Seat

Section : 125 - Troubleshooting

Diagnostic Codes
Hydraulic System
Electrical System

Section : 130 - Diagnostic Trouble Codes

What the Diagnostic Trouble Codes Mean
General Operating Instructions and Entering Program Mode
Calling up Addresses and Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Section : 135 - Storage

Placing Tractor in Long-Term Storage
Removing Tractor From Storage
Paint Finish Care

Section : 140 - Specifications

Hydraulic System
Electrical System
Loads and Weights
Ground Speeds - 24-Speed PowrQuad Plus Transmission
Ground Speeds - 20-Speed PowrQuad Plus Transmission
Limited Battery Warranty

Section : 145 - Serial Numbers

Identification Plates
Record Tractor Identification Number
Record Engine Serial Number
Record Transmission Serial Number
Record MFWD Axle Serial Number
Keep Machines Secure

Section : 150 - Lubrication and Maintenance Records

250 Hour Service Records
500 Hour Service Records
750 Hour Service Records
1000 Hour Service Records
1500 Hour Service Records
2000 Hour Service Records
3000 Hour Service Records

Section : IBC - John Deere Service Keeps You On The Job

John Deere Is At Your Service