9450, 9550 and 9650 Combines

All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.


Section : 05 - Safety Features

Combine Safety Features

Section : 10 - Safety

Recognize Safety Information
Understand Signal Words
Follow Safety Instructions
Look for Supplemental Information
Driving the Combine
Keep Riders and Children Off Machine
Ballasting for Safe Ground Contact
Avoid Electrical Power Lines
Park the Combine Safely
Operate the Engine Outdoors
Handle Fuel Safely-Avoid Fires
Prepare for Emergencies
Handle Starting Fluid Safely
Wear Protective Clothing
Handle Chemical Products Safely
Stay Clear of Header
Keep Hands Away From Knives
Use Safety Lights and Devices
Use Seat Belts
Transport Combine With Header Safely
Prevent Machine Runaway or Unexpected Movement
Practice Safe Maintenance
Prevent Machine Damage When Welding
Remove Paint Before Welding or Heating
Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines
Avoid Contact with Moving Parts
Cleaning the Grain Tank and Removal of Blockages
Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
Protect Against High Pressure Spray
Dispose of Waste Properly
Service Cooling System Safely
Remove Accumulated Crop Debris

Section : 15 - Safety Decal Location


Section : 20 - Controls and Instruments

General View of Controls and Instruments

Section : 25 - Overhead Control Panel

Overhead Control Panel
Overhead Warning Display Panel
Unload Auger On
Low Fuel
Park Brake On
Main Gearcase Filter
Main Gearcase Temperature
Hydraulic Oil Temp
ENG (Engine) Air Filter
Separator Plugged
Grain Tank Full
Hydro Charge Pressure
Main Gearcase Lube
ENG (Engine) Temperature
ENG (Engine) Oil Pressure
Straw Chopper (Optional)
Grain Separator
Auger Conveyor
Grain Elevator
Tailings Elevator
Cylinder Speed
Engine Speed
CLIMATRAK™ Automatic Temperature Control
Windshield Wiper and Windshield Washer (Optional)
Deere-Delco Radios (Optional)
Deere-Delco AM/FM Stereo Radio with Weatherband
Using the Radio
Deere-Delco AM/FM Stereo Radio With Weatherband and Cassette Player
Using the Radio
Cassette Player
Bad Tape Detect
Care of Your Cassette Player
Deere-Delco AM/FM Radio With Weatherband and CD Player
Using the Radio
Compact Disc Player
Button Functions
Programming Radio for Local Area Frequency
Theft Deterrent Feature
Activating THEFTLOCK®
Disabling THEFTLOCK®
Unlocking a Locked Receiver
Operating Tips About Your Audio System

Section : 30 - COMMANDTOUCH™ Armrest Console

Switch and Knob Colors
Drive Engagement Switches (Yellow)
Header Engage Switch (Yellow)
Separator Engage Switch (Yellow)
Operating Adjustments and Controls (Black)
DIAL-A-SPEED™ Dial (Black) (Optional)
CommandTouch™Armrest Console
Road Transport Disconnect Switch (Black)
Draper Belt Speed Switch (Black) (Optional)
Manual Reel Speed Switch (Black)
Concave Clearance Switch (Black)
Cylinder Speed Switch (Black)
Cleaning Fan Switch (Black)
Ground Drive and Engine Speed Switches
Engine Speed Switches (Orange)
Four Wheel Drive (Orange) (Optional)
Multi-Function Handle (Orange)
Multi-Function Handle
Quick Stop Switch (Yellow)
Unloading Auger Swing Switch (Black)
Unloading Auger Drive Switch (Yellow)
Header Lift Switch (Black)
CONTOURMASTER™ Manual Tilt Switch (Black)
Reel Lift/Reel Fore and Aft Switch
Activation Buttons (Black)

Section : 35 - COMMANDTOUCH™ Cab Corner Post

Active Header Control™ Display (Optional)
Header Height Resume
Header Height Sensing (Optional)
CONTOURMASTER™ System (Optional)
VISIONTRAK™ Display Control Switches
Adjustable Deck Plate Position (Optional on 90 Series Corn Heads)
Tailings Sensor Display
Tailings Sensor Display Operational Check
VISIONTRAK™ Performance Monitor
Shoe Loss
Separator Loss
Total Loss
VISIONTRAK™ Performance Monitor (General Information)
Preliminary Adjustments on Combine
Operating VISIONTRAK™ Performance Monitor
Triple Display Tachometer
Control Switches
Fuel Gauge
Coolant Temperature Gauge
Digital Display Lines

Section : 40 - Calibration Procedures

When to Calibrate
Concave Sensor Zero Calibration
Header Calibration
CONTOURMASTER™ Angle Sensor Calibration
Deck Plate Sensor Zero Calibration
Error Codes

Section : 45 - Operator's Station

Filling Windshield Washer Reservoir (Attachment)
Armrest Storage Box
Combine Video
Storage Tray
Manual Storage
Emergency Exit
Cup Holder
Cigar Lighter Receptacle
Seat Suspension and Forward and Rearward Adjustment
Adjusting Left-Hand Armrest and Seat Back
Adjusting Right-Hand Armrest and Control Console
Field Office Seat (Optional)
Seat Belts
Auxiliary Power Outlet Strip and SERVICE ADVISOR™ Diagnostic Connector
GREENSTAR™Yield Monitor and Yield Mapping System (Attachment)
Cab Ladder
Cab Ladder Positions
Cab Landing Safety Chains
Fire Extinguisher Recommendations
Front Fire Extinguisher Mounting
Rear Fire Extinguisher Mounting
Washing Cab Windows, Servicing Head Lights and Wiper
Right-Hand Side Cab Access
Grain Tank Window/Rear Cab Window Cleaning
Shifting Feeder House/Header Reverser
Steering Column
Steering Wheel Height Adjusting
Steering Column Tilt Adjusting
Gear Shift Lever
Manual Parking Brake
Brake Pedals
Sun Visor
Clothes Hook
Tool Box

Section : 50 - Lights and Signals

Light Switches
Dimmer Switch
Cab Interior Lights
Warning Lights
Road Lights
Field Lights
Side Finder and Grain Tank Lights
Work Lights
Turn Signals
Exit Lighting
Unloading Auger Light
Work Lights (Optional)
Rear Residue Discharge Lights
Cleaning Shoe Lights
Service Power Receptacles (Optional)

Section : 55 - Prestarting Checks

Daily Checks
Engine Oil Level
Hydrostatic/Hydraulic Oil Levels
Coolant Level
Fuel System
Fuel Level
After Long Storage Period

Section : 60 - Operating the Engine

Safety Rules for Starting Engine
Starting the Engine
Warming up Engine
Stopping the Engine
Breaking-In Engine
Belt Drives Adjustment - First 50 Hours
Break-In Check First 100 Hours
Break-In Check After 100 Hours
Hot Weather Operation
Cold Weather Operation
Handle Starting Fluid Safely
Cold Weather Starting With Ether Starting Aid
Coolant Heater
Using a Booster Battery

Section : 65 - Transporting

Driving the Combine on Roads
Transporting Combine on a Trailer

Section : 70 - Harvesting Hints

Choice of Harvesting Time
Harvesting Tips

Section : 75 - Crop Settings and Seed Loss Charts

Crop Settings
Barley (Feed and Malting)
Beans (Edible) and Black-Eyed Peas
Beans (Soy)
Canola (Canadian Spring)
Canola (U.S. Winter)
Corn (Shelled)
Corncob Mix
Grass Seeds
Guar (Cluster Bean)
Millet (Proso)
Peas (Field)
Seed Loss Chart (Platforms)
Soybean Loss Chart (Row-Crop Heads)
Combine and Corn Head Check List
High-Moisture and Dry Corn Flow Chart
Corn Kernel Loss Chart
Power Shutdown Procedure

Section : 80 - Feeder House

Hydraulic Cylinder Safety Stop
Feeder House Doors
Cylinder Top Access Door
Bottom Feeder House Door and Feedplate Seal Support
Raised Feed Plate Adapter Kit (for Small Grain Only)
Stone Trap
Leveling Header (without CONTOURMASTER™)
Feeder House Strippers
Checking Feeder House Conveyor "Float"
Changing Feeder Conveyor Speed
Slip Clutch
Feeder House Top Shaft Stripper Adjustment
Feeder House Top Shaft Sprockets
Header Harness Connector Storage
Left-Hand Hose Storage
Right-Hand Hose Storage
CONTOURMASTER™ (Manual Tilt Indicator)
Removing Header from Feeder House

Section : 85 - Shields

Left-Hand Gull Wing Doors
Right-Hand Gull Wing Door
Right-Hand Rear Shield
Left-Hand Side Separator Side Shields
Right-Hand Side Separator Side Shield
Cleaning Composite Panels

Section : 90 - Separator

Left-Hand Drives and Part Numbers
Right-Hand Drives and Part Numbers
Single-Range POSI-TORQ™ Cylinder Drive (9450 Corn Combine Only)
Dual-Range POSI-TORQ™ Cylinder Drive (9450 Corn Combine)
Dual-Range POSI-TORQ™ Cylinder Drives (9550 and 9650 Corn Combines)
Single-Range Cylinder Drive (9450, 9550 and 9650 Grain Combines Only)
Slow-Speed Drive (Dual-Range Only) (Attachment)
Dual Range Cylinder Drive Shear Bolts
High-Range Direct Drive (480-980 RPM)
Low Range (Reduced-Drive) (240-480 RPM)
Unplugging Cylinder with Breaker Bar
Power Unplugging of Cylinder
Setting Cylinder Access Door to Cylinder
Cylinder Vibration
When to Use What Rasp Bar
Hardened and Non-Chromed (Black) Rasp Bar
Hardened and Chromed Rasp Bar
Smooth Rasp Bar
Rear Concave Inserts (Corn Combines)
Front Concave Closure Plates (Attachment)
Rear Concave Closure Plates (Attachment)
Beater Grate Curtain (Attachment)
Straw Walkers Access Door
75 Per Cent Beater Speed (Optional)
Separator Curtains
Straw Walker Extension Pans
Straw Walker Sunflower Flaps
Cleaning Shoe Augers Slip Clutch
Fan Bottom and Clean Grain Auger Protection Shields
Slow Speed Cleaning Fan Drive (Attachment)
Chaffer Fingers Storage
Using Chaffer Fingers
Precleaner Tool Storage
Adjusting Precleaner
Adjusting Chaffer, Chaffer Extension and Sieve
Removing Chaffer, Sieve or Precleaner
General Purpose Chaffer, 29 mm (1-1/8 in.)
Non-Adjustable Chaffer
Semi-Deep Tooth Chaffer
General Purpose Precleaner
Deep-Tooth Precleaner
Chaffer, Sieve or Precleaner Repair
Chaffer Finger Bar Cover (Attachment)
Clean Grain Elevator Top Access Doors for Drives
Perforated Screens (Attachment)
Tailings Elevator Paddles
Separator Countershaft Strips
Tailings Elevator Slip Clutch

Section : 95 - Chopper and Spreaders

Chopper (General Information)
Adjusting Tailboard Angle
Adjusting Chopper Vanes
Adjusting Knives
Moving Chopper to Windrow Position
Installing Short Windrow Drive Belt (Optional) (Regular Straw Chopper)
Installing Short Windrow Belt (Optional) (Fine Cut Chopper)
Changing Chopper Speeds
Spreader (General Information)
Chaff Spreader (Optional)
Operating the Chaff Spreader
Removing the Chaff Spreader

Section : 100 - Grain Tank and Unloading System

Grain Tank/Engine Ladder
Grain Tank Drain Holes
Grain Tank Sample Trough
Grain Tank Full Indicator
Grain Tank Full Indicator (Optional for Hilly Conditions)
Grain Tank Unloading Auger Covers (Optional) (Standard on Rice Combines)
Cross Auger Drive Shear Bolt
Grain Tank Loading Auger Deflector
Folding Grain Tank Loading Auger
Reduced Speed Unloading System (Optional)

Section : 105 - Combine Cleanout

Cleaning Out the Combine

Section : 110 - Fuels and Lubricants

Diesel Fuel
Storing Fuel
Fill Fuel Tank
Diesel Engine Coolant
Liquid Coolant Conditioner
Diesel Engine Break-In Oil
Diesel Engine Oil
Extended Diesel Engine Oil Service Intervals
Hydrostatic Drive System, Main Hydraulic System and Main Engine Gear Case Oils
Transmission, Final Drives, Feeder House Reverser, Dual-Range Cylinder Drive, Primary Countershaft and Loading Auger Elevator
Straw Walker Gearcase
Brake Fluid
Lubricant Storage
Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants
Filter Part Numbers

Section : 115 - Lubrication and Maintenance

Service During the Break-In Period (First 100 Hours)
Service Intervals
Lubrication Symbols
After 100 Hours of Engine Operation
10 Hours or Daily
10 Hours or Daily
50 Hours or Weekly
50 Hours or Weekly
50 Hours or Weekly
50 Hours or Weekly
100 Hours
200 Hours
200 Hours
400 Hours or Yearly
400 Hours or Yearly
400 Hours or Yearly
400 Hours or Yearly
400 Hours or Yearly
400 Hours or Yearly
400 Hours or Yearly
400 Hours or Yearly
400 Hours or Yearly
400 Hours or Yearly
800 Hours or Every Two Years
2000 Hours
2000 Hours
2000 Hours
As Required
As Required
Cleaning Combine

Section : 120 - Service - Engine

Rear Ladder and Landing
Engine Compartment Door
Cleaning Engine Compartment
Changing Starting Fluid Cans
Belt Shield
Engine Access Panel
Fuel System
Do Not Modify Fuel System
Handle Fuel Safely-Avoid Fires
Check Engine Oil
Fuel Tank and Cap
Electric Fuel Pump
Draining Water Separator
Water Separator Filter Replacement
Draining Fuel Tank
Draining Water from Fuel Filter (9550 and 9650 Combines)
Fuel Filter Replacement (9550 and 9650 Combines)
Bleeding Engine Fuel Filter (9450 Combines)
Replacing Fuel Filter (9450 Combines)
Bleeding Engine Fuel Filter (9550 and 9650 Combines)
Bleeding Fuel Lines
Drain Cooling System
Filling Radiator
Winterize Cooling System
Thermostat Replacement
Replacing Engine Fan Belt (9650 Combines)
Replacing Engine Fan Belt (9450 and 9550 Combines)
Engine Accessory Drive Belt Routing
Replace Engine Accessory Drive Belt (9450 Combines)
Replace Engine Accessory Drive Belt (9550, 9650 Combines)
Rotary Screen Belt Routing
Replacing Rotary Screen Drive Belt (9650 Combines)
Replacing Rotary Screen Drive Belt (9450 and 9550 Combines)
Cleaning Rotary Screen, Oil Cooler, Condenser, Radiator and Charge Air Cooler
Adjust Rotary Screen Knife Comb
Replacing Rotary Screen Rake Bar
Removing Air Cleaner Filters (9550 and 9650 Combines)
Inspecting Element
Cleaning Element
Washing Element
Removing Air Cleaner Filters (9450 Combines)
Inspecting Element
Cleaning Element
Washing Element

Section : 125 - Service - Feeder House

Hydraulic Cylinder Safety Stop
Reverse Feeder House Top Shaft Sprockets
Adjusting Feeder Conveyor Chain
Removing Conveyor Chain Links
Adjusting Feeder Conveyor Drive Chain
Adjusting Conveyor "Float"
Adjusting Variable Speed Feeder House Belt
Replacing Variable Speed Feeder House Belt
Adjusting Air Flow Drive Belt
Replace Air Flow Drive Belt
Adjusting Fixed Speed Feeder House Belt
Replacing Fixed Speed Feeder House Belt
Adjusting Reverser Shifter Fork and Control Cable

Section : 130 - Service - Separator

Adjusting Cylinder Drive Gap
Aligning Cylinder Drive
Adjusting Cylinder Belt Idler
Replacing Cylinder Intermediate Belt
Replacing Cylinder Belt
Adjusting Beater Grate (Rasp Bar Cylinder)
Adjusting Finger Bar (Spike-Tooth Cylinder)
Adjusting Beater Belt Idler
Replacing Beater Belt
Replacing Rasp Bars and Filler Plates
Adjusting Secondary Countershaft Belt
Replacing Secondary Countershaft Belt
Adjusting Reel/Belt Pickup Pump Belt
Replacing Header/Reel/Belt Pickup Pump Belt
Adjusting Straw Walker Gearcase Belt
Adjusting Straw Walker Plugging Switch
Adjusting Cleaning Shoe Auger Gears
Replacing Cleaning Shoe Belt
Replacing Cleaning Fan Belt
Replacing Clean Grain Elevator Belt
Adjust Clean Grain Elevator Drive Belt
Adjusting Clean Grain Elevator Chain
Replacing Tailings Auger and Elevator Drive Belt
Adjusting Tailings Elevator Belt
Adjusting Tailings Elevator Drive Chain
Adjusting Tailings Elevator Paddle Chain
Adjusting Upper Tailings Auger Drive Chain

Section : 135 - Service - Chopper and Spreader

Replacing Knife Sections
Replacing Chopper Blades (Regular Chopper)
Replacing Fine Cut Chopper Blades (Optional)
Adjusting Chopper Drive Belt Idler
Replacing Chopper Belts
Replacing and Adjusting Straw Spreader Belt

Section : 140 - Service - Grain Tank and Unloading

Adjusting Grain Tank Cross Auger Drive
Replacing Unloading Auger Drive Belt
Aligning Unloading Auger Drive
Adjusting Unloading Auger Drive Cylinder
Replacing Unloading Auger Drive Cylinder
Removing Unloading Auger
Installing and Timing Unloading Auger (All Augers)
Adjusting Auger Swing

Section : 145 - Service - Electrical System

Circuit Breakers and Relays (Engine Compartment)
Fuses and Relays (Central Electronics Box)
Fuse Locations
Power Distribution Board #1 Relay Identification
Power Distribution Board #2 Relay Identification
Power Distribution Board #3 Relay Identification
Power Distribution Board #1 Fuse Identification
Power Distribution Board #2 Fuse Identification
Power Distribution Board #3 Fuse Identification
Circuit Board Replacement
Safety Rules When Replacing Halogen Bulbs
Replacing Bulbs
Bulb Part Numbers
Cab Head Light Bulb Replacement and Adjustment
Stubble Light (Optional) Bulb Replacement
Side Finder Light Bulb Replacement
Grain Tank Light Bulb Replacement
Replacing Cleaning Shoe Light Bulb
Warning Light Bulb Replacement
Front Turn Signal, Tail Light, Warning (Flasher) Light and Side Light Bulb Replacement
Turn Signal Indicator Light Bulb Replacement
Dome and Console Light Bulb Replacement
COMMANDTOUCH™Corner PostMonitor Light Bulb Replacement
Header Float Gauge (Optional) Bulb Replacement
Warning Display Panel Light Bulb Replacement
Observe Electrical Precautions
Electrical Connector Handling
Basic Electrical Component Handling / Precautions For Vehicles Equipped With Computer Controlled Systems
Handling Batteries Safely
Battery Replacement
Connecting Battery Cables
Charging Batteries
Checking Specific Gravity
Connecting Booster Batteries
Remove and Install Batteries
Alternator and Voltage Regulator
Header Drive Electromagnetic Clutch
Communications/CB Radio Mounting
FM Radio Installation

Section : 150 - Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System (General Information)
Hydraulic System Cleanliness
Left-Hand Hose Storage
Right-Hand Hose Storage
Adjusting Header Drop Rate
Accumulator (General Information)
One Gallon Accumulator System (Optional)
Accumulator Precharge
Accumulator Adjustment
Header Flotation Gauge
Reel/Belt Pickup Pump Belt Adjustment
Header/Reel/Belt Pickup Pump Belt Replacement

Section : 155 - Ground Drive and Rear Axle

Service Tires Safely
Care and Service of Tires
Using Liquid Weight
Tire Loading Decal
Allowable Carrying Capacity of Tires (9450 Combine)
Allowable Carrying Capacity of Tires (9550 Combine)
Tire / Header Compatibility Chart - 9650 Combine with Regular Duty Single Reduction Finals
Tire / Header Compatibility Chart - 9650 Combine with Heavy Duty Single Reduction Finals
Drive Wheel Starter Stud
Rear Wheel Bolt Torque
Drive Wheel Bolt Torque
Dual Wheels Bolt Torque
Drive Tire Spacing (9450 and 9550 Combines)
Drive Tire Spacing (9650 Combines)
Axle Spacers and Wheel Spacers (Optional)
Wheel Offset
Dual Wheels (Optional) (9550 and 9650 Combines)
Single Attach Wide Spaced Dual Wheels (Optional)
High Flotation Tires
Rubber Belted Tracks (Optional)
Multi-Function Handle Linkage Adjustment
Cleaning Hydrostatic Oil Cooler
Brake Fluid Reservoir
Brake System
Adjusting Gearshift Linkage
Rear Axle Adjustment
Combines With Standard Rear Axle Assembly
Combines With Rear Axle Assembly in the High Clearance Position
Pulling Combine Out of the Mud
Jacking Locations
Ballast Requirements (Normal Conditions)
Ballast Requirements (Extremely Hilly Conditions)

Section : 160 - Service - Air Conditioning and Heater

Observe Air Conditioning Precautions
ClimaTrak™ Air Conditioning System (General Information)
Removing Recirculating Filter
Cleaning Fresh Air Filter and Recirculating Filter
Removing Fresh Air Filter and Tray
Cleaning Precleaner
Removing Evaporator Filter
Cleaning Cab Roof Inlet Panel
Cleaning Condenser
Engine Accessory Drive Belt Routing
Removing Compressor Drive Belt
Checking Refrigerant Level
High Pressure Switch
Low Pressure Switch

Section : 165 - Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Diagnostic Trouble Code Priorities
Accessing Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Section : 170 - Trouble Shooting

Feeder House
Hydrostatic Ground Drive
4-Wheel Drive (Optional)
Air Conditioning

Section : 175 - Storage

Preparing Air Conditioner for Storage
Preparing Engine for Storage
Preparing Combine for Storage
Removing Combine From Storage
Feeder House Adjustments
Combine Adjustments

Section : 180 - Specifications

Operating Speeds
Ground Speeds (Fast Idle)
Ground Speeds (Fast Idle)
Turning Radius
Specifications - 9450 Combines
Specifications - 9550 Combines
Specifications - 9650 Combines
Dimension Reference Points
Metric Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values
Unified Inch Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values

Section : 185 - Machine Identification Numbers

Identification Plates
Combine Identification Number
Engine Serial Number for 9450 Combines
Engine Serial Number for 9550 and 9650 Combines
Hydrostatic Drive Unit Pump
Hydrostatic Drive Unit Motor
Cam Lobe 4-Wheel Drive Motor
Engine Gearcase

Section : 190 - Crime Prevention Tips

Help Prevent Crime
Record Ag Identification Numbers
Keep Proof of Ownership
Park Indoors Out of Sight
When Parking Outdoors
Reduce Vandalism
Report Thefts Immediately
Technical Information
John Deere Is At Your Service When You Need It