1170 Combine and 312, 314, 316, 319 Cutting Platforms (Combine From Serial No. 62613)

All information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.


Section : CLIS - Predelivery Inspection

Predelivery Inspection

Section : 00 - Identification View

Identification View

Section : 05 - Safety

Recognize Safety Information
Follow Safety Instructions
Understand Signal Words
Observe Road Traffic Regulations
Do not start engine by shorting across starter terminals
Use Safety Lights and Devices
Prepare for Emergencies
Wear Protective Clothing
Handle Fuel Safely-Avoid Fires
Store Attachments Safely
Fire Extinguisher
Check Machine Safety
Mount and Dismount Safely
Emergency Exit
Driving the Combine
Guards and Shields
Stay Clear of Harvesting Units
Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines
Transport with Harvesting Unit Installed
Ballasting for Safe Ground Contact
Radio Aerial
Parking and Leaving the Combine
Work in Ventilated Area
Practice Safe Maintenance
Service Machines Safely
Support Machine Properly
Retorque Wheel Nuts
Avoid High-Pressure Fluids
Prevent Battery Explosions
Service Tires Safely
Service Cooling System Safely
Dispose of Waste Properly

Section : 10 - Safety Decals

Pictorial Safety Signs
Operator's Manual
Repair and Maintenance
Lever for Hydraulic Swing Unloading Auger
Front Access Ladder and Platform
Grain Tank
Fire Extinguisher
Cutting Platform
Cutting Platform Drive Shaft
Shields on Cutting Platform Drives
Reel Lifting Cylinder
Feeder House Drive, Left-Hand Side
Below Feeder House
Shield on Reverser Drive
Feeder House Conveyor Chain
Left-Hand Side Guard, Chopper Drive Guard
Cleaning Cover, Grain Tank Unloading Auger
Straw Chopper and Chaff Spreader
Straw Chopper and Chaff Spreader
Rear Access Ladder and Service Platform
Right-Hand Side Guard
Access to Straw Walkers
Front Wheel Attaching Nuts
Rear Wheel Attaching Bolts

Section : 15 - Controls and Instruments

General View of Controls and Instruments
Multi-Function Lever
Instrument Console
Roof Console
Header Drive
Threshing Unit Drive
Separation Between Concave and Cylinder
Separator Cylinder Speed
Positioning the Unloading Auger
Unloading Auger Drive
Reel Fore-and-Aft Adjustment
Horn Button
Road Safety Switch
Starter Switch
Throttle Lever
Gear Shift Lever
Reel Speed Control Knob
Fan Speed Control Switch (Optional)
Speedometer/Cylinder and Fan Tachometer Switch
Rocker Switch-Raise/Lower Header
Rocker Switch-Reel Height Adjustment
Rotary Switch-Air Conditioning Fan
Rotary Switch-Air Conditioning
Rotary Switch-Cab Heater
Rotary Switch-Windshield Wiper
Cylinder/Concave Separation Indicator
Miscellaneous Controls-Outside Operator's Cab

Section : 20 - Warning Devices and Monitors

Indicator Lights I
Battery (Alternator) Indicator Light
Parking Brake Indicator Light
Engine Oil Pressure Indicator Light
Engine Coolant Temperature Indicator Light
Hydraulic Oil Temperature Indicator Light
Hydraulic Oil Filter Indicator Light
Air Filter Indicator Light
Indicator Lights II
Combine Harvester Computer
Combine Harvester Computer Component Description
Combine Harvester Computer Monitor Description
Combine Harvester Computer Function Key Description
Switching on the Combine Harvester Computer Monitor
Combine Harvester Computer Main Menu
Selecting Screen Display Language
Operating Combine Harvester Computer
Accessing Area Functions
Accessing Time Functions
Encoding Combine Harvester Computer
Adjusting Grain Loss Level
Adjusting Wheel Circumference
Adjusting Working Width
Adjusting Loss Warning
Adjusting Field Size
Adjusting Date/Clock
Encoding Stop Warnings
Deleting Data
Testing Combine Harvester Computer Components
Adjusting Sieve Loss Sensor Position
Setting Sensor Sensitivity
Operational Check of Combine Harvester Computer

Section : 25 - Lighting System and Signals

Driving and Clearance Light Switch
Grain Tank Interior Light, Unloading Auger Light and Roof Light Switch
Roof Lights (Work Lights)
Grain Tank Interior Light
Unloading Auger Light
Hazard Warning Lights
Turn Signal Switch
Beacon Light Switch
Clearance, Tail, Turn-Signal and Stop Lights

Section : 30 - Operator's Cab

Cab Lighting
Operator Station Access Ladder
Locking the Ladder
Adjusting the Ladder
Adapting Seat to Operator's Weight
Adjusting Seat Position
Foot Brakes
Parking Brake
Steering Column Tilt Adjustment
Storage Compartment
Tool Box
Document/Bottle Holders
Rear Tool Box
Cab Door
Cab Windows
Adjustable Air Louvers

Section : 35 - Pre-Starting Checks

Daily Checks
Engine Oil Level
Hydraulic Oil Level
Coolant Level
Fuel Level
After Long Storage Period
Fuel System
Lubricate Combine
Rotary Radiator Screen
Air Filter Dust Cup
Checks in Operator's Cab

Section : 40 - Operating the Engine

Breaking in the Engine
Breaking in the Harvester
After the First Five Hours of Operation
Safety Rules for Starting Engine
Before Starting the Engine
Turn On Ignition
Starting the Engine
Warming Up Engine
Idling the Engine
Instructions for Using Cold Weather Starting Aid
Starting the Engine By Means of a Booster Battery
Operating in Tropical Conditions
Stalling of Engine
Stopping the Engine

Section : 45 - Driving and Transporting Harvester

Starting the Engine
Steering and Driving
Releasing Parking Brake
Driving on Public Roads
Operating the Foot Brakes
Raising Header
Road Safety Switch
Forward and Reverse Travel
Reverse Travel Alarm
Choosing Correct Ground Speed
Avoid Overheating of the Hydrostatic System
Transport Information
Transporting Under Own Power
Towing the Harvester

Section : 50 - Wheels, Axles and Additional Weights

Tire Maintenance
Tubeless Tires
Wheel Bolts and Nuts
Mounting Tires
Changing Tires
Tire Pressure

Section : 55 - Preparations and Field Operation

Fundamentals of Combine Operation
Cutting and Harvesting Unit
Cutting Platform
Combine Ground Speed
Cutting Height
Reel Position
Reel Speed
General Principles
Results of Improper Reel Speed
Auger Position
Retractable Pickup Position
Feeder House
Floating Drum
Feed Chains
Threshing Unit
Cylinder and Bar Concave (Basic Version)
Cylinder and Filler Plate Concave (Corn)
De-Awning Plates for Concave (Barley)
Special Bar Concave for Small Grains
Evaluation of Threshing
Examination of Tailings
Inadequate Tailings
Examination of Grain in the Grain Tank
Examination of Straw on the Straw Walkers
Examination of Grain Lost Behind the Combine
Harvesting Small Grain
Harvesting Large Crops
Cylinder Speed
Concave to Cylinder Spacing
Optimum Cylinder and Concave Performance
Separator Operation
Cleaner Operation
Grain Screen
Slope Master System
Evaluating Cleaning
Grain Handling and Storage Unit
Clean Grain Conveyor
Grain Loss
Acceptable Grain Losses
What Does Loss of Grain Really Mean?
Determining Grain Losses
Causes of Grain Losses
Cutting Platform Losses
Threshing Unit Losses
Straw Walker Losses
Sieve Losses
Prevention of Grain Losses - General
Threshing Adjustments - General Information
Combine Settings
Preparations Before Changing Crop
Preparations for Harvesting Grain Crops
Preparations for Harvesting Corn
Preparations for Harvesting Oil Seed Crops
Operating the Combine
Operating the Cutting Platform in Standing Crops
Operating the Cutting Platform in Low-Height Crops
Operating the Cutting Platform in Downed Crops

Section : 60 - Feeder House

Cutting and Harvesting Unit-Cutting Platform Installation
Hydraulic Connections
Installing the Chain and Shield
Checking Header Levelling
Levelling the Header
Locking Header Lift Cylinders
Feeder House Third Lift Cylinder
Removing the Header
Bracket for Hydraulic Hoses
Hydraulic Reverser
Adjusting Floating Drum Height
Adjusting Tension of Feeder House Conveyor Chains

Section : 65 - Cutting Platform (312, 314, 316 and 319)

Adjusting Reel Minimum Height
Angling Reel Pickup Fingers
Tilting Cutterbar
Cutterbar Position
Adjusting Cutterbar Position
Auger Height
Adjusting Auger Height
Auger Horizontal Position
Adjusting Auger Horizontal Position
Adjusting Auger Scrapers
Adjusting Retractable Pickups

Section : 70 - Separator and Cleaning Unit

Cylinder Front Inspection Port
Cylinder Side Inspection Ports
Opening Stone Trap Bottom Plate
Cylinder Bars
Rotating Cylinder By Hand
Concave and Cylinder Alignment
Adjusting Concave-to-Cylinder Spacing
Adjusting Concave Extension
Cylinder Baffle
Concave De-Awning Plates
Straw Walker Types
Straw Walker Fishbacks
Straw Walker Curtain
Adjusting Straw Walker Bearings
Cleaner Arms and Connecting Rods
Chaffer Extension
Adjusting the Chaffer Extension Angle
Chaffer Extension Inserts (Slope Master)
Removing Chaffer Extension
Removing Chaffer
Grain Retention Plate
Adjusting Grain Retention Plate
Removing Grain Sieve
Cleaning the Chaffers and Sieves
Opening the Pan
Adjusting Air Flow Direction
Adjusting Fan Speed
Corn Concave
Special Kit for Corn

Section : 75 - Straw Chopper

Straw Chopper (Special Equipment)
Engaging Straw Chopper
Moving Straw Distributor into Operating Position
Adjusting Straw Deflectors
Adjusting Counter-Knives
Chopping Corn and Sunflowers
Reducing Straw Chopper Rotation Speed
Operating Straw Chopper
Driving on Public Road
Electro-Magnetic Straw Chopper Clutch
Straw Chopper Alarm (Independent of Combine Harvester Computer)
Straw Chopper Electro-Magnetic Clutch Switches
Disengaging Straw Chopper
Moving Straw Distributor Into Transport Position
Replacing Rotating Knives
Replacing Counter-Knives

Section : 80 - Grain Tank Loading and Unloading

Grain Tank Window and Grain Sample Flap
Lower Elevator Inspection Windows
Elevator Augers
Clean Grain Elevator Upper Cover
Grain Tank Cover
Lower Auger Covers
Auger Feeder
Checking Elevator Conveyor Chain Tension
Adjusting Tailings Elevator Conveyor Chain
Adjusting Clean Grain Elevator Conveyor Chain
Adjusting Automatic Unloading Auger Cut-Out Device

Section : 85 - Fuel, Lubricants, Coolant and Capacities

Handle Fuel Safely-Avoid Fires
Filling Fuel Tank
Diesel Engine Oil
Crankcase Capacities, Including Filter Change
Diesel Engine Coolant
Cooling System Capacity
Transmission Oil
Use of Transmission Oil
Cutting Platform Drive Gearbox
Hydraulic Oil
Hydraulic Oil for the Lift and Power Steering Systems
Hydrostatic Transmission Oil
Brake Fluid for Brake System
Alternative and Synthetic Lubricants
Mixing of Lubricants
Lubricant Storage
Use Genuine John Deere Parts
Periodic Maintenance Chart

Section : 90 - Lubrication Chart, Periodic Service

Daily (Left Side)
Daily (Right Side)
Miscellaneous (Left Side)
Miscellaneous (Right Side)
Service During the Break-in Period
Every 10 Hours
After the First 100 Hours
Every 250 Hours
Every 500 Hours
Every 1000 Hours
After Each Harvesting Season

Section : 95 - Service - Engine

Engine Service Platform
Engine Service Flap
Adjusting Engine Valve Tappets
Checking Engine Crankcase Oil Level
Changing Oil and Filter
High-Pressure Fluids
Do Not Modify Fuel System
Fuel System
Fuel Tank Filler Neck
Fuel Tank Water Trap
Emptying Fuel Filter
Replacing Fuel Filter Element
Cleaning the Fuel System Water Trap
Mechanical Fuel Transfer Pump
Checking Injection Nozzles
Bleeding the Fuel System
Engine Coolant
Radiator Coolant Level
Cooling System Components
Cleaning the Rotary Screen
Cleaning the Outside of the Radiator
Flushing Sequence - Cooling System
Drain Valve (A) for Engine Coolant at Radiator
Drain Plug for Engine Coolant
Replacing Thermostats
Checking Belt Tensioner Spring Tension and Belt Wear
Checking Tensioner Spring Tension
Replacing Fan/Alternator V-Belt
Air Intake System
Filter Screen
Air Filter Primary Element
Replacing the Air Filter Primary Element
Inspecting the Primary Element
Air Filter Safety Element
Element Storage
Air Intake Lines

Section : 100 - Service - Compressed Air System

Compressed Air System Reservoir
Draining the Air Reservoir
Air Hose
Using Compressed Air
Adjusting Compressor Drive Belt Tension

Section : 105 - Service - Drives and Shields

Right Side Shields
Opening the Large Side Shield
Opening the Fan Shield
Left Side Shields
Opening the Large Side Shield
Opening the Straw Chopper Idler Pulley Shield
Opening the Header Drive Shield
Drive Chains
Adjusting Hydraulic Pump Belt Tension
Adjusting Reel Motor Chain Tension
Adjusting Cutterbar Drive Belt Tension
Adjusting Cutting Platform Auger Drive Chain
Adjusting Cutting Platform Auger Slip Clutch
Feeder House Drive
Adjusting Feeder House Slip Clutch
Adjusting Header Drive Chain
Replacing Feeder House Drive Belt
Adjusting Feeder House Hydraulic Reverser Drive Chain
Adjusting Threshing Unit Drive Belt Tension
Replacing Threshing Unit Drive Belt
Adjusting Threshing Unit Belt Guide
Adjusting Hydraulic Variable Speed Drive
Replacing Cylinder Variable Drive Belt-Combines with POSI-TORQ™ Cylinder Drive
Adjusting Straw Walker V-Belt Tension
Adjusting Straw Walker Drive Chain Tension
Adjusting Straw Walker Slip Clutch
Adjusting Fan Variable Speed Drive Belt Tension
Replacing Fan Variable Speed Drive Belt
Adjusting Tailings Elevator Drive Belt Tension
Adjusting Tailings Elevator Slip Clutch
Adjusting Tailings Elevator Auger Drive
Adjusting Clean Grain Elevator Slip Clutch
Adjusting Clean Grain Elevator Drive Belt
Adjusting Upper Auger Drive Chain
Adjusting Unloading Paddle Drive Chain
Adjusting Unloading System Drive
Adjusting Unloading Auger Drive Chain
Tensioning Drive Belt to Straw Chopper Countershaft
Tensioning Straw Chopper Intermediate Drive Belt

Section : 110 - Service - Electrical System

Specifications, Electrical System
Dangers When Handling Batteries
Battery Service
Battery Switch
Installing Battery and Connecting to Correct Poles
Starting Motor
Electronic Boards
Fuses on Fuse Board
Relays on Fuse Board
Straw Chopper and Fan Motor Control Box
Cab Roof Fuses and Relay
Starting Motor Relay
Cab Air Heater Relay
Solenoid Valves
Adjusting Fan Speed Sending Unit (Combine Harvester Computer Only)
Adjusting Tailings and Grain Auger Sending Units (Combine Harvester Computer Only)
Adjusting Straw Walker Sending Units (Combine Harvester Computer Only)
Adjusting Straw Chopper Speed Sending Unit (Combine Harvester Computer Only)
Adjusting Combine Ground Speed Sending Unit (Combine Harvester Computer Only)
Adjusting Area Counter Switch (Combine Harvester Computer Only)
Adjusting Fan Drive Motor Limit Switches
Mechanical Fan Drive Motor Adjustment

Section : 115 - Service - Hydraulic System

High-Pressure Fluids
Pressure Relief Valves
System Description
Checking Hydraulic System Reservoir Oil Level
Changing the Hydraulic Oil Filter
Draining the Hydraulic System Oil
Refilling the Hydraulic System
Bleeding the Variable Speed Reel System

Section : 120 - Service - Ground Speed Drive

Brake Fluid Reservoir
Adjusting Foot Brakes
Adjusting Parking Brake
Hydrostatic Drive Components
Changing Hydrostatic Drive Oil and Filter
Cleaning Oil Cooler
Final Drives
Tightening Front Axle Attaching Screws
Rear Axle Toe-In
Steering System Components

Section : 125 - Service - Air Conditioning and Heating

Adjusting Compressor Drive Belt Tension
Checking Refrigerant Level
Low Pressure Switch
High Pressure Switch
Cleaning Condenser
Cab Filters
Cleaning Air Intake Opening
Removing Paper (Main) Filter Element
Removing Recirculating Filter
Cleaning Paper Filter Elements
Cleaning the Evaporator

Section : 130 - Service - Cutting Platform

Removing and Installing the Cutterbar
Cutterbar Blade Position (Relative to the Double Fingers)
Aligning the Double Fingers
Adjusting Cutterbar Wear Plates
Adjusting Blade Support Clamps
Cutting Mechanism Drive Oil Level

Section : 135 - Storage

After the Season
After the Season - Engine
After the Season - Air Conditioning System
Removing Combine From Storage
Removing Combine From Storage - Engine
Removing Combine From Storage - Air Conditioning System

Section : 140 - Specifications

Operating Speeds of 1170 Combine
300 Series Cutting Platform
Specifications, 1170 Combine
Vibrations at Operator's Position
Emissions According to ECE-R24
Dimensions, 1170 Combines
Unified Inch Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values
Metric Bolt and Cap Screw Torque Values
Declaration of Conformity
Safety Note Regarding the Subsequent Installation of Electrical and Electronic Appliances and/or Components

Section : 145 - Serial Numbers

Type Plates
Combine Type Plate
Product Identification Number
Engine Serial Number - Engine Type 6068
Cutting Platform Serial Number
Three-Speed Transmission Serial Number
Final Drive Serial Number
Straw Chopper Serial Number

Section : IBC - John Deere Service Keeps You on the Job

John Deere Parts
The Right Tools
Well-Trained Technicians
Prompt Service